Leisure Park, Munich

Building data:

Location: München
Floor space: 19,000 m³
Building type: School / Restaurant

Property Description:

Halbergmoos Sport and Leisure Park, Munich

›› Restaurant area with 180 seats and terrace
›› Beer garden with 200 seats
›› Office area with conference room
›› Two-storey foyer used as meeting/information point and waiting area
›› Skittles alley with 6 lanes and ancillary rooms
›› Central changing room and shower facility for 120 persons
›› 3 gymnastics rooms of different sizes ranging from 220 to 400 m² with two equipment rooms
›› Electronically controlled air gun shooting range with 16 shooting stands, changing rooms, lounge and ancillary rooms
›› Outside of shooting hours, the shooting range can be used as an additional gymnastics or multi-purpose room.

Construction period: 2009–2011, Two storeys, Area: 2,400 m², enclosed space: 19,000 m³

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