Air Conditioning of a Production
Facility in Neuss

Building data:

Location: Neuss
Floor space:
Building type: Production

Property Description:

This modern and state-of-the-art production facility required a constant room temperature of 22°C (in summer and winter!), but above all it had to be energy efficient. It also had to conform to the provisions of the German Energy Saving Ordinance and to the standard for new buildings defined in the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG). The decision was made to install a highly efficient heat recovery system (MultiCross6000) with a heat recovery efficiency of up to 91% in full load operation. An air-to-air heat pump using the latest technology carries out the required reheating of the room air. The ECOSmart control unit regulates the system, which is operated with a volume flow constant controller.

In order to ensure the constant temperature of 22°C for the production process and simultaneously optimise the energy consumption, the following functions have been integrated into the system:
›› “Free Cooling”, cooling using outside air
›› 10–100% continuously adjustable heat pump performance
›› Night operation with 100% recirculation
›› Energy efficient EC motors
Most important of all, the concept includes the highly efficient counter-flow heat exchanger with an efficiency level of 91%.

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