Climate Protection Estate

Building data:

Location: Bad Godesberg
Floor space:
Building type: Houses

Property Description:

Location The project is located in Bonn, northwest of the centre of Bad Godesberg, in Teutonenstrasse. Public transport, schools and a local shopping infrastructure can all be found nearby. The Climate Protection Estate comprises a new residential building and an existing one, which has been used as the official residence of the permanent representative of the GDR from 1974 until 1990. Southwest of the existing building is the former office building of the permanent representative of the GDR, currently seat of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung” (German Nutrition Association, DGE).

Urban Construction / Architecture The new building comprises 13 apartments in a three-storey building with a staggered storey. In the existing building 14 apartments have been created through conversion and upsizing. Both buildings are equipped with an underground garage. Above the garages there are gardens for the tenants. Altogether, 27 apartments have been created, with a total living space of 2400 m². Wherever possible, all apartments have been built barrier-free.

Energy Concept: Both the new building and the renovated building meet the passive-house standard. Two solar thermal systems with 42 m² of vacuum tube collectors on each roof have been installed on the roof areas. These systems provide 65% of the hot water and also a proportion of the heating energy. Every building has a central ventilation system with heat recovery installed. The production of hot water is decentralized using fresh water stations in the apartments. The remaining heat demand is satisfied by a central gas absorption heat pump. The facade is covered by photovoltaic panels serving as a sunshade and providing a total rated output of 10 kW .

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