Secondary School, Kleve

Building data:

Location: Kleve
Floor space:
Building type: School

Property Description:

The main focus of the energy-related renovation of the triple sports hall was the new energy-efficient heating/ventilation of the building. By means of a CO2 sensor, the MultiCross 9000, with a total air flow volume of 9,000 m3/h, provides demand-oriented ventilation of the sports facility; due to the high efficiency – up to 93.5% – of the counter-flow heat exchanger, the system runs without a reheating coil. A new radiant ceiling panel heating system and the high-efficiency heat recovery system form an ideal combination for the demand-oriented heating and ventilation of the modernised sports hall.

A total of 835 male and female students from Kleve and the neighbouring communities are currently enrolled at the “Freiherr-vom-Stein” secondary school, which offers a three-grade lower secondary level and an upper secondary level, finishing with the “Abitur” examinations (university entrance qualification).

Famous past students: Karl Leisner, Joseph Beuys, Jürgen Möllemann

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